Posting Court Documents on Internet: Allowed at the cost of a dismissed complaint.

This article is part of our Pro Se Litigant series, case: Torres v. Torres – Know Thy Judge

Judicial Abuse

Judge Christopher J. Muse is fast becoming the poster child for Judicial Overhauling

Be watching for our follow-up to the story from our sister site, – 1st Ammendmant Upheld. To protect the litigants in what was an ongoing case, we were told that story was drastically toned down. Now see the true story, along with official Court Transcripts of what certainly appears to us to be threats by Judge Christopher J. Muse against those same litigants. It appears that toning down the story did no good, as Judge Muse threw out the Pro Se Litigants’ case; but he was overturned by the Massachusetts Court of Appeals based on arguments by Pro Se Litigants.

Stay tuned to the for the rest of the story.

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