Resurgence of Free Speech: Unannounced – Readership Skyrockets!

United States WatchdogsThe U.S. Watchdogs Network is far from complete, but it seems that there is a real need for both voicing and hearing the concerns of what, by all indications, has become a repressed society. What this writer never thought he would be saying is that the party responsible for making us fearful of speaking out is our own government. Did anyone over 40 ever think that a website for Americans to speak freely against their government would have to be located offshore? We are proudly part of the Freedom Network, a safe place for a free people to speak out against those who would repress us.

If you have trouble getting onto, we apologize. We just never expected this much traffic while we were under construction. We are currently looking at new, larger servers and should catch up much faster than the obamacare website.

Please keep coming back! We wanted to say thank you to all who are visiting us and would also like to extend an invitation to any who would like to volunteer. Please visit our Contribute page.

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