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Noose Tightens on Debt IndustryThe Freedom Network proudly welcomes its newest members: and All of these websites’ named objectives are to provide a place for opposing views to be heard. All claim that negative user posts disappear concerning the same ‘brands’ or ‘companies’ represented by those websitesand they offer a secure and private place where verifiable facts can be posted online anonymously, without fear of retribution. These new members have agreed to follow the strict publishing policies of the Freedom Network.

The website states the following about its website:

It is clear all over the internet that Jesse Stockwell, for all intents and purposes, is the ‘brand’ for a series of companies that are owned and operated by Jesse Stockwell, given name Jesse E. Torres IV.

The purpose can be best stated by a quote from the IRS website:

Tax relief companies use the radio, television and the internet to advertise help for taxpayers in distress. If you pay them an upfront fee, which can be thousands of dollars, these companies claim they can reduce or even eliminate your tax debts and stop back-tax collection by applying for legitimate IRS hardship programs. The truth is that most taxpayers don’t qualify for the programs these fraudsters hawk, their companies don’t settle the tax debt, and in many cases don’t even send the necessary paperwork to the IRS requesting participation in the programs that were mentioned. Adding insult to injury, some of these companies don’t provide refunds, and leave people even further in debt. Full Story

The U.S. Watchdogs Freedom Network: protecting the freedom of Americans to speak out against the powerful and those who abuse the power of their government position.

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The following websites also have information relevant to Debtmerica LLC, Optima Tax Relief LLC, LoanNow LLC, SuperMoney LLC and Jesse Stockwell.

Disclaimer: is not associated with Debtmerica, LLC., their associated websites, or their Managing Partner, Jesse Stockwell.

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